New Ebeam Systems Incorporating Compact Sealed Ebeam Lamps

K. E. Swanson, PCT Engineered Systems

Abstract: Compact sealed Ebeam lamps have been developed. The lamps have a uniform output up to 380 mm wide and accelerating potentials ranging from 80 to 200 kV. The lamps can deliver 30 kGy at over 100 m/min. This technology enables new applications previous not suited for ebeam processing. The lamps are now being integrated into systems designed to handle narrow webs and three‚Äźdimensional parts. Narrow web systems include unsupported web and integrated shield roll designs. Narrow web ebeam systems may be used in a variety of applications including curing of inkjet inks. Applications for three dimensional parts may include ink curing ridged containers and curing of high opacity coating on molded plastic parts.