Ebeam Sterilization of Medical and Food Packaging Enabled by Compact Ebeam Lamp Technology

Steen Kreinbrink Comet Group

Abstract: Sterilization of packaged medical and food products using high energy EB equipment operating at 1 to 10 MeV is well known. High energy ebeam processing occurs at centralized off‐site service centers designed to handle the bulk packaged products with appropriate radiation shielding. The development of compact sealed ebeam lamps has enabled a new paradigm in package sterilization. Low energy ebeam equipment operating as low as 80 kV is ideal for surface sterilization. This ebeam lamps are well suited for integration in‐line with the package filling operation. Commercial applications are beginning to emerge and include packaging of liquid food products and medical devices. Ebeam offers multiple advantages over other sterilization methods such as gamma radiation, hydrogen peroxide, and ETO gas.