UV Curable Formulations for Deep-UV LEDs

Haruyuki Okamura, Osaka Prefecture University

Abstract: We investigated the formulations of acrylates which were applicable to deep UV LED lamps. The mixtures of acrylate monomers and photoinitiators were placed on silicon wafer or sandwiched between a silicon plate and a CaF2 plate to obtain sample films. The films were irradiated by deep UV lamps which emit 265, 285, and 300 nm-lights. The effect of initiators, irradiation wavelength, and atmosphere on the conversion of the acryl unit was investigated using FT-IR spectroscopy. We found that the photoinitiator O-benzoyl 2,3-butanedione monooxime was the most effective photoinitiator investigated. The effect of atmosphere in the system was clearly observed.