Oligomer Solutions for UV Curable Inkjet and 3D Printing Applications

Jo Ann Arceneaux, PhD, Allnex

Abstract: Many of the diluting monomers currently used in UV curable inkjet and 3D printing applications are under increased regulatory constraints due to new labeling requirements. It is very difficult to find regulation friendly replacements for these monomers that have equal diluency characteristics. The result is an unacceptable increase in formulation viscosity as these monomers are replaced. An alternative solution is to use lower viscosity oligomers in the formulation. In addition to low viscosity, the oligomers must provide the performance properties of the formulation. One of these properties is the ability to cure under low energy conditions, such as long wavelength LED lamps. This paper will explore various classes of low viscosity oligomers, and their cure response to low energy, long wavelength lamps.