Highly Reactive Thin Film Hardcoats for Plastics

Marcus Hutchins, Allnex

Abstract: The demand for plastic parts will increase exponentially over the next five years because of performance versatility, reduced weight benefits and cost efficiencies. Coatings that protect such plastic parts are required to be just as versatile and efficient in performance. For coatings, this typically means thinner coatings that offer the same performance. However, thinner UV curable coatings are more difficult to cure due to increased oxygen inhibition issues.

Thus higher energy density outputs are required to achieve optimal performance in these thin coatings. This limits the use of more energy efficient equipment such as UV LED, UVA or other alternative lower energy sources for coating polymerization. This paper will explore highly reactive energy curable oligomers offering high scratch and abrasion resistance under both low film build and low energy curing conditions.