Adhesion Promoting Oligomers

Matt Terwillegar, Myriant Corporation

Abstract: A consistent “Achilles heel” for UV-cured coatings is attaining acceptable adhesion to glass, metal and low surface energy substrates such as polyolefins and PET. While these substrates are challenging for traditional technologies as well, a cost-effective improvement or solution for UV-cured coatings has been consistently sought after.

Myriant Corporation has developed a series of oligomers based on bio succinic acid and other naturally-derived building blocks that demonstrate a remarkable affinity for “difficult” substrates. These novel oligomers are cost competitive, especially when compared to conventional silane adhesion promoters and corona type treatments. Of equal importance, these oligomers have bio-renewable content with no price premium.

This paper will detail the formulation and testing of these novel oligomers, with particular emphasis on adhesion to difficult substrates.