UV curable Sioxane based Resins for 100 nm Pitch by R2R Nanoimprinting

Changjin Lee, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

Abstract: For the realization of 100 nm pitch R2R-NIL, UV curable resins were formulated by using siloxane-based acrylates or florinated siloxane-based acrylates to precisely control the patternability, resin viscosity, and R2R-NIL processability. The obtained UV curing resins possess proper viscosity for Roll-to-Roll process, low shrinkage during polymerization and high transparency to UV light. The curing time of the resins was measured by photo DSC and shrinkage during curing process and etching resistance of the polymers were investigated depending on the ratio of siloxane-based acrylates. By using this resin, R2R-NIL process was conducted to fabricate 100 nm pitch wire grid polarizer (WGP).