UV Hydrogel Medical, Industrial, and Developing Applications

Beth Rundlett, Katcheco; Robin Wright, 3 M; Allan Guymon, University of Iowa

Session Overview: Hydrogels are fast emerging materials due to their unique properties, the development of new processing techniques, and wide application. Uses include wearable sensors and patches, wound care, drug delivery, 3d printing, and tissue scaffolding. UV curable hydrogels offer manufacturers an unmatched tool in the control, tailoring and fast processing in the development of new products. This session will provide the basics of the technology, with presentations on specific applications.

The Design and Application of Hydrogels

Beth Rundlett, Katcheco

Novel Hydrogel Beads and Fiber

Robin Wright, 3M

Nanostructured Hydrogels though Photopolymerization in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals

Allan Guymon, University of Iowa