Fabric Modification by Radiation Methods

Dr. Vincent Luo, China General Nuclear

Abstract: Our research groups is devoting to develop the fabric modification by radiation methods, especially by radiation induced graft polymerization of functional monomers or together with nanoparticles. Very recently, we combined the radiation induced graft polymerization with the radiation induced reduction, which resulted in an antibacterial cotton fabrics grafted with pomegranate-shaped polymer wrapped in silver nanoparticle aggregations. This pomegranate-shaped silver NPAs functionalized cotton fabric exhibits outstanding antibacterial activities and also excellent laundering durability, where it can inactivate higher than 90% of both E. coli and S. aureus even after 50 accelerated laundering cycles, which is equivalent to 250 commercial or domestic laundering cycles. The most advantage of the radiation methods in fabric modification is lying in the formation of the covalent bonds between the cellulous macromolecules and the graft chains or together with the nanoparticles, which is the key point for the laundering durability and permanent functionalization.